Nikolai Angel

by Nikolai Angel

NA is a dark being that contains within all the pure and evil that existence cannot handle. Constantly warring with both sides, this being that transcends all that we know has two images.

The Shifter:

Her main form is that of a pale skinned, slender, silver hair cut short female with snow colored angel wings. The edges are of a fine material that cuts through anything. Her eyes shift from stormy gray to crystal blue. Usually seen wearing form fitting white T's and light blue jeans with short white boots. Can transform into any existing animal, always with a silver mark on either its flanks, or forehead.

The Dark:

A slender, tanned skin female with flowing black hair. With a perfect and flawless appearance, eyes shift from darkest black to a brilliant, crystal violet. Wears tight, black long sleeved shirts with ripped black jeans and knee high, black high heeled boots. Wings with black feathers, bat like structure tipped a red color and made of substance that cuts through anything. Can shift into any creature that has been and has not been. (Mythical, extinct, and her own creations)

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