Name: Ogopogo

Features: Large serpent with horns and flippers

Source: Native North American Folklore

Habitat: Western Canada

The Ogopogo is a huge water serpent with seal-like flippers and large pointy horns on its head.

It is said to reside in Lake Okanagan, waiting to feast on whatever crosses its path.

Local tribes would throw dead fish and even live cattle into the lake to appease it’s appetite as they attempted to safely cross the lake.

The shores of Monster Island on Lake Okanagan are said to have been the display of leftover blood and scattered bones of it's helpless victims.

This beast supposedly dwells in an underwater cave beneath this supposed tombstone of an island.

The stories of this terrible and deadly creature seemed real enough to the early European settlers that they posted guards to protect themselves from this water monster.

In the early 1900’s, ferries crossing the lake had to be armed prior to every trip across the lake in case of a surprise attack from this dreadful beast.

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