Name: Ogre

Features: Large and ugly humanoid with deformed facial features

Source: Northern European Folklore

Habitat: Near villages in swamps and mountains

An ogre is a huge, human-like, muscular beast with deformed facial features.

Its head was often depicted as overly large and its complexion unnaturally greenish.

These monsters are one of the most feared and famous creatures in all of mythology. They were often described as stupid creatures but some stories portrayed them as highly intelligent and even capable of using magic & casting spells.

These beasts would mostly use primitive weapons such as sticks and clubs when attacking or in battle.

They could often get away with just using their tremendous strength and easily ripping enemies apart with their bare hands.

They can be brutal and exhibit vicious and cruel violence - especially when hungry.

Human flesh is said to be their favorite meal, especially the tender flesh of small children.

Their primary role in old folktales is to kidnap princesses from their kingdoms.

This would always cause some brave knight to attempt to save the princess by venturing into the beast’s lair and killing it.

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