Name: Onocentaur, Onoscentaurus, Onokentaura

Features: Human top half, lower half of a donkey

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece

The Onocentaur is very similar to the Centaur - the only main difference is that it is part donkey instead of horse.

The pelt covering the animal half is of an ashen color with touches of white near its flanks.

It has a human chest, arms and head with its face being surrounded by a mane of thick, long hair.

This creature’s nature was one of constant conflict between its human and animal components.

It had a very violent temper and would absolutely not endure capture but let itself die of starvation instead.

It would use its arms for running and be as speedy as any other horse or donkey.

Its arms also served to carry and use bows and clubs as weapons.

This beast is often shown together with a Siren . These two mythical creatures would apparently join forces in the waters, to attack and kill sailors in ships.

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