Name: Peluda

Features: Green spiked dragon

Source: European Mythology

Habitat: Huisne River

The Peluda was said to be much like a typical dragon with the addition of numerous spikes projecting from all over its body.

All of the stinger-tipped tentacles that decorated this dragon’s hide could easily be erected into extremely poisonous quills at will.

It had a snake-like scaly head, neck and tail with very large tortoise like feet.

The noticeable spikes that were the main feature of this green monster gave it a very hairy and shaggy appearance.

This beast was so dreadful that it was said to have been denied access to Noah’s Ark. Yet, it survived the biblical flood and took refuge in a cave near the Huisne River.

After many years, it made its presence known by withering crops with its searing breath and terrorizing the surrounding countryside by killing livestock and humans.

This monstrous dragon would also disfigure the countryside by trampling into rivers and creating devastating floods.

It was finally killed by a distraught man that managed to cut off its tail. This dangerous beast had made the ultimate mistake - it had dared to kill and feast on this mans bride to be.

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