Name: Perytons

Features: Head of a deer with wings of an eagle

Source: Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology

Habitat: All around the Mediterranean Sea

Perytons had the head of a male deer but with sharp teeth and long, razor-like fangs.

They were also equipped with the wings of a large eagle and sharp pointy antlers.

Unlike regular deer, plants were not part of their diet. They had everything required to easily rip and tear through human flesh.

When the famous city of Atlantis sank into the Atlantic Ocean, the souls of the people who escaped the destruction were unable to find their homes again.

They were said to transform into these deer-like monsters. Their sole purpose was to regain favor from the Atlantian gods by killing a human.

These beasts would set out and stalk humans to capture and kill them in order to put their own souls at ease.

Luckily each of these creatures was only able and allowed to kill one human to regain favor from the gods. Without this restriction - they could easily have killed off all humans from Rome.

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