Screaming Forest

by Eamon Samandari
(Derby, England)

Once upon a time there was a woman who was very holy. One day she went to church and suddenly everything turned night, there was crying, moaning and no one to see the blood.

She ran out and there was a glow of a lantern, as she ran further up she realised it was a Banshee. Her jaw would open wide and start screaming.

She ran further into the woods and whispers of lost souls in the forest said ''help us'', “she’s coming'', ''you'll never escape''! She ran until she came upon a sign, a sign of death.

Chains dragged her onto the sign and the Banshee came, she screamed as she flew into the air. She died a grotesque death.

10 years later children went into the woods, the children saw the

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