Name: Sekhmet

Features: Lion head with a large human-like body

Source: Egyptian Mythology

Habitat: Egypt

Sekhmet was a ferocious goddess from ancient Egyptian legend.

She had the head of a lioness and the body of a human woman, but much larger in size.

She protected Ra, the god of the Sun and ruler of the Egyptian gods.

Her teeth were enormous and razor-sharp. She could easily bite through armor, mutilate soldier’s bodies and then drink up their blood.

This mythical beast would get so overwhelmingly consumed with destruction and the thirst for blood that she would randomly set out on extremely destructive rampages.

Her master Ra had trouble controlling her and had to devise a plan to contain her thirst for bloodshed before she destroyed the entire human race.

Ra decided on setting a trap of 7,000 barrels of beer mixed with pomegranate juice to turn the ale bright red.

The blood thirsty beast was tricked by this trap and mistook it for human blood. She drank so much of it that she became ill and after that day became a little less eager to fight and kill humans just to quench her thirst.

She was noted as being ancient Egypt’s secret weapon of war. In the fight against the Hittites, Egypt’s army was severely outnumbered.

This mythical hybrid joined the fight, killed off the opposing army by biting their heads off which greatly help to even out the playing field.

Below is a little teaser - a short clip from the game Smite where Ra defeats the enemy.

Video clip provided by iGamrGeekTV.

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