Name: Sirens

Features: Head and body of a woman, legs and wings of a bird

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Mediterranean Sea

Sirens are beautiful women with the legs and wings of a large bird.

In some accounts their body is entirely that of a bird with only the head being that of a gorgeous human female.

These stunning creatures had heavenly voices and could sing a song so appeasing and soothing to the ear, especially that of a lonely sailor, that it could hypnotize and draw their audience straight toward them.

This caused the demise of many ships that would steer towards this seducing choir and sail their ships right onto rocky shores destroying vessel and crew.

This would become a feast for this enticing musical group of creatures. Any survivors would also simply be killed and devoured just like their shipmates.

These alluring mythical creatures are said to have once been the beautiful daughters of Achelous, the river god. Goddess Persephone turned them into these birdlike beings as punishment for not helping to save her when she was kidnapped by Hades.

They also did not care much for rejection. If a ship ever sailed past them unharmed, they would dive into the sea and drown themselves.

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