Name: Sleipnir

Features: Giant gray horse with eight legs

Source: Norse Mythology

Habitat: Europe

Sleipnir was the fastest, largest and most powerful horse in the world.

He was enchanted, extremely strong and capable of incredible speeds on land, sea and air.

This magnificent horse had magical symbols carved into his teeth which were said to be the source of his powers.

Odin, the King of the Norse gods controlled this splendid beast as his personal steed and rode him whenever he travelled between earth and the city of Asgard, keeping a watchful eye on all that was unfolding.

Odin, with this mighty and skillful horse, also kept occupied riding around in search of the bodies of fallen Viking warriors to deliver them to their final resting place; the burial grounds of Valhalla.

It is said that this astonishing mythical creature is the offspring of the strong horse named Svadilfari, owned by a giant and the expert trickster Loki in the disguise of a mare.

The giant was using Svadilfari to repair the Norse god's city walls in exchange for the Sun, Moon and the hand of the goddess Freya.

Fearing that the giant would actually complete this task, Loki was sent by the gods to intervene and foil the progress of the mighty giant.

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