Name:  Smaug, Dragon of Erebor, The Magnificent

Features:  Large, fire breathing red dragon with indestructible armor

Source:  J.R.R. Tolkien’s popular story “The Hobbit”

Habitat:  The mountain of Erebor in Middle-earth

This large, red and reptilian worm was strong, greedy and especially wicked.  He was also one of the last remaining dragons of Middle-earth.

He became a prominent threat to the inhabitants of Middle-earth after he destroyed the town of Dale.  He then took claim to the “Lonely Mountain” nearby and all of its treasures.

The “Lonely Mountain” also known as Erebor was the home of the clan of dwarves known as the Longbeards.  These dwarves were also known to have amassed one of the largest treasures to be found in Middle-earth.

The Dragon of Erebor guarded his treasure and hoard fiercely by laying on top of it to protect it from any potential thieves.

This greedy, fire breathing dragon knew and could recall every last item of his hoard - every piece of gold, gemstone, jewel or goblet.  No-one could steal anything from him without his knowledge.

Due to centuries of lying on top of the treasures he guarded, many of the gold and precious stones eventually became embedded in the flesh of his belly.  With his underside being armored with this crust of treasure and his body being covered with impenetrable scales - he was practically indestructible.

Eventually, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins was enlisted by the wizard Gandalf, along with 13 other dwarves to go on a quest to help reclaim “Lonely Mountain” and its treasure.  This quest was initiated by their King, Thorin Oakenshield.

Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and the team of dwarves found a way into the mountain through a secret door in order to steal a golden cup.  While observing the dragon Smaug in his lair – Bilbo took notice that there was a small bare patch on the seemingly indestructible dragons left breast.  Bilbo Baggins was successful in stealing a golden cup and then escaping back out through the secret door.

Once the greedy dragon discovered the theft, he left his lair and ventured out to seek out the thieves.  He attacked and destroyed Lake-town where he thought they were hiding.  During this attack, the dragon was defeated when the hobbit named Bard the Bowman shot his Black Arrow right into the weak area on the mythical dragons left breast.

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