The Sphinkerberreth resembles a yellow pterodactyl claiming three heads, each capable of shooting lasers out of their glowing blue eyes.

This creature is also capable of turning into a Chihuahua. You can tell the difference because the Sphinkerberreth has neon purple veins in its eyes.

The only way to kill them is to shoot it ten times with the same arrow; one shot must be in the eye.

The arrow must be made of elm wood and sprinkled in spring water.

If you ever see a Sphinkerberreth though, use a torch, and the fire will scare it away.

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Oct 05, 2020
by: Woof

This monster is crazy. The best part is how hard is to kill one. I hope never find some.

Dec 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

I'll use it in my project. Give u credit

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