Spirit Walkers

by Phoebe B.D.

Spirit Walkers are spiritual beings, whom are thought to be immortal and that look somewhat ghostlike - generally pale, and see-through.

Spirit Walkers have the power to create bridges between worlds, and are always travelling from one to another to explore.

Usually, if a Spirit is curious or feeling negative they might peek into another's mind (The host can only be living) and mess around. For instance, hallucinations would occur whilst the host is asleep, and in some instances the Spirit might even have control over the body for little moments.

The Spirit Walkers features can vary greatly. They can be bipedal, or quadrupedal, depending on what kind of creature they used to be in life. Sometimes they bear long skulls as masks or other odd accessories, while others have nothing to hide.

A certain thing of all Spirits, though, is that they can transform into a more intimidating version when upset, for whatever reason. Bigger Spirits are usually more destructive whilst the smaller would usually take refuge in another's mind (Again, the host must be living) and stow itself away.

Lastly I will tell you about auras. Spirits have a faint glow that reflects their personality. The colours of the rainbow relate to that of auras, the more 'extreme colours' determine whether the Spirit is calm, hot-headed, skittish, etc.

For example, purples, reds, oranges, and yellows might mean the Spirit has demanding or destructive traits. Some yellows, greens and light blues could mean a calm and collected Spirit, and darker colours, blue, some purples, can mean an easily frightened spirit or a sad one.

Overall, the Spirit Walkers can be complicated individuals but their main goals are simple - to keep travelling and explore uncharted worlds (Or dimensions!)

I hope you enjoyed this fairly detailed (And long) excerpt of something I thought up in a few minutes.. but took me maybe an hour to write with all the breaks.. and I'm sure to be making more excerpts brought to you by my wild Imagine Nation.

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