Springheeled Jack

Name: Springheeled Jack

Features: Mask wearing monster who breaths out blue flames

Source: 19th Century British Folklore

Habitat: London, England

Springheeled Jack was a disfigured monster that wore a mask to cover his hideous face.

This villain could breathe hot blue flames that he would use to stun people with prior to an attack.

This terrifying monster with evil glowing eyes also had long sharp metal claws that he would use repeatedly slash his victims with.

He was also known to be able to jump great heights with extreme speed and ease into surprise attacks or away from authorities.

His mask was reported to have been fashioned of metal and like a helmet covered his head and also part of his face.

His face was horribly disfigured bearing scars similar to that of a severe burn victim.

This creature was reported to have attacked several young women and men. He would blow his blue flame in their faces and freeze them with fear.

He then would proceed to slash them with his infamous iron claws. He was always able to escape using his tremendous jumping skills.

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