Stymphalian Bird

Name: Stymphalian Bird, Stymphalides

Features: Large bird with bronze feathers, metal beak and claws

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Arcadia, Greece

Stymphalian birds were enormous in size and were covered with sharp, arrow-like bronze feathers, large metal beaks and claws.

These avian pets of Hades were superiorly strong and ferocious.

They would shed their killer feathers like spears among attacking soldiers, easily piercing their armor.

They would terrorize the people of Arcadia with their showers of killer plumage and toxic dung.

Every raid was followed with a swoop of hungry birds, devouring all the dead and killing any remaining injured bodies with their sharp metal beaks.

With the help of goddess Athena, who gave him a loud rattle – Hercules was able to kill and drive these monstrous birds away.

With his great strength, he shook the rattle making a thunderous sound that sent the birds scattering wildly.

While scared and flying aimlessly in the sky above, Hercules easily shot them one by one with arrows.

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