Name: Talos

Features: Gigantic human-like body made of bronze

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Island of Crete

Talos was a huge metallic giant that guarded the island of Crete.

Greek god Hephaestus is said to have been the one who created this formidable bronze monster.

This metallic giant was given life with a liquid called ichor that was the blood of the gods. It ran through its body from a single vein that stretched from its neck to its heel. A bronze nail at its heel kept the life giving fluid from flowing out.

According to legend, Zeus sent this metallic giant to guard the maiden Europa on the island of Crete.

This mythical monster would throw huge boulders at any ships or crafts that attempted to anchor along the shores of the island.

This giant’s metallic outer shell would become so blazing hot in the sun that he would burn alive any pirates he would capture by simply by placing them on his armor.

This was often enough to scare any pirates from leaving the safety of their ships and attempting to come on shore at all.

The demise of this seemingly unbeatable iron giant came when a woman named Medea came onto the island. She charmed this metallic mythical creature with a song and then gave him a sleeping potion.

Once asleep, she removed the bronze nail that kept the ichos flowing throughout its body. The giant’s lifeblood was then drained out of him and so he was finally killed.

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