Name: Tarasque, Tarasco

Features: Sharp fangs, body covered with scales, a whip-like tail

Source: French Folklore

Habitat: Nerluc, France

The Tarasque was entirely covered with large, hard iron-like scales and had the head of a lion, six short legs, spikes all along its back and a scorpion’s tail.

This gruesome beast was said to have been the child of the powerful sea monster Leviathan.

It could spew fire from its mouth and destroy buildings easily with a quick whip of its powerful and poisonous tail.

This evil, vicious dragon killed and destroyed many villages and pheasants.

Any attempts to attack and destroy it were completely futile.

The desperate anguish and fear of the people of Nerluc was finally heard by Saint Martha.

She found the beast, sang a gentle song to calm it down enough to bind it with a leash fabricated with her own locks of hair.

Once tame, she led the beast to the village of Nerluc, where the people quickly attacked and killed the subdued beast.

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