by Phoebe B.D.

(Pronounced, "Teh-LIE-gr-eh")

The Teligre was a wyvern-like beast, with a unique crest that appeared jagged and thorn-like. It has been said that these creatures had a reputation of luring their helpless victims to their certain demise.
The merciless creature would pick off those who strayed from the paths and amputate their limbs and such. Usually they do this so their young can eat it, but sometimes this is what they do as 'playing' with their food.

A Teligre would have the stature of that the typical wyvern - A more bird-related dragon with leather-flap wings, reptilian scales, a beak and talons for feet. The only things that differ is their white markings, which start as monotone 'tears' that start from the nose-bridge and eyes, they intercept and run down its back and break away again at the ruffled plumage for their tails, much like a roosters'. The crest, as said above, is also another difference. There is probably quite a few differs from the typical wyvern and a Teligre, but I can't be bothered yet, heh.


That's about it for the Teligre for now, I hope you can enjoy what's so far. There will be more updates to come for this creature, believe me. Also, feel free to use the Teligre, or any other creature of mine so long as you pinpoint credit for my ideas. Thanks for reading and acknowledging this.

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