The Corrupted Tears

by Kala Crone
(Hades Eden)


She walked through the forest all alone. "Never again shall I cry." she weeped. She didn't want to feel anymore.

Her feelings were corrupt by the cruel words of her family, who she considered friends, and the other kids from Black Water High School. She approached the cliff, "This is my escape."

She hadn't realized the loud cries of the beautiful women behind her. They cried for her. "I love you, Mother." she said before she jumped. Her mother had died years after she was born.

Her brothers wondered where she was. They didn't care for her, they just wondered.

"Where is your sister?" asked their step-mother. "I don't know lets just leave her. It'll teach her not to be late again." the youngest brother said.

Days went by and they finally decided to call the cops. Her body was found on the shore of a local lake.

"I see her she's over there. C'mon, what are you doing?" asked Officer Ray.

"Taking a picture of these weasels sleeping. My daughter will love it." said Private Jones.

Officer Ray walked over to him. "Wow, we don't have weasels out here. C'mon, we got work to do." he said.

~Kala Kalon Crone

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Aug 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

your mom can't die years before your birth (only the day of)

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