The Pouncing Shadow of the darkest night

by Zambia

A little dream was once created out of nowhere. The little dream thought “I’m so little, I might disappear!" The dream cried and thought, until it came up with a solution. "I will let the people who dream me, make their own world."

That night, a boy appeared in the dream. The boy sat under an apple tree but the shadow of the boy was not there. A large, demonic shadow appeared over the boy. The boy screamed, and turned to run. As soon as he did, the monster was right along next to him. A dead end of a cliff appeared. "May you die in pain!" a voice whispered in the boys head. Suddenly, a boulder came down and crushed the boy.

The shadow bottled up the first soul, and gave it to the dream. “If I disappear, you will become me” the dream said as he put down the bottle. The shadow stood there with an evil grin.

The 12th soul was captured by the 5th night, and that satisfied the shadow and the dream. Soon the shadow pounced on the dream, clawing its throat. The dream soon died. All the other dreams stared at him. One dream exclaimed "You killed this dream!!" "Leave! You do not belong here!" the god of the dreams yelled growling at the shadow. The monster then left the dream world.

He emerged into hell. Satan said. "You have gone to become a demonic presence, correct?" The shadow monster nodded. Satan said, "You will now go into reality and become a pouncing shadow." The monster now lurks in the darkest places, waiting to strike.

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Oct 31, 2015
Higher conceince
by: Anonymous

That is an awesome , logical,and a very spiritual explanation to the unexplained things that happen to us as humans living in the flesh and dealing with the reality of spiritual forces.

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