The Wailing Woman (a Banshee short)

by Shyan

I watched in my dream as the woman wailed and clawed at the air around her, like she was brushing away something unpleasant.

She looked at me, her pale eyes animating almost every thought. She had seen my death, and it wasn't delightful. With ferocious eyes she stretched her mouth wider, this time it resembled a dark cave, threatening to swallow me whole.

She forced a more powerful scream out of her mouth, rupturing my ear drums, by now blood was dripping out of my ears. Falling to the ground on my knees, I could feel my worthless life seeping away from me, and she watched every minute.

When I woke up from my slumber, there was dried blood on the side of my face, and a loud buzz inside my ear. Looking directly into my hallway mirror I whispered to myself "It was real" my voice is cut off by a loud shrill and then I die.

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