This is a real life experience.

by Vu

One night our mother burst into our room sounding worried. That night I had a weird dream. I was lying face down on my bed (as usual) and these faint clawed hands picked me up. As I was floating away, I felt this twinge on my chest and knew something was wrong. I slightly resisted and floated back to my bed. I thought nothing of that night.

The next morning, Mom told my sister and I what had happened the night before. She said she felt breath on the back of her neck. Sometimes Dad does this so she dismissed it. All this time she had her eyes closed. But there was this gut feeling telling her to open them. Once her eyes were open, she could not move. She also realized Dad was on the other side of the bed, so she started rocking violently and praying.

I can't remember if it was the first or second night she was attacked, but she heard something break as it ran out of their room.

The next night, I went to bed as usual. This night I had a nightmare (or so I thought). I was picked up (my eyes were closed) and I felt as if I should open them. When I did, I realized whatever had attacked Mom last night had lifted me out of my bed. I could see part of a muscular arm, torso and leg. The creature was covered with brown, leathery skin that reminded me of snakes. I prayed until it dropped me and left.

When I woke up, I was lying right where it would have dropped me. I was shaken, (a rare thing - there was a point in time when I would have nightmares every night and never once cried) so much so that I couldn't leave the room.

I tried WhatsApping Mom but there was no reply. I then realized my Nana was online and talked to her. At some point I started crying (which is when you know it's really bad) and woke my sister up. She consoled me and we went to Mom and Dad's room.

Later examination of my sleep app revealed unnaturally deep sleep. Through recalling the events of that night I have come to the conclusion the creature tried to take my soul twice. This happened when I was twelve.

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