Tinnamen are weird creatures that resemble tiny elastic stick-figures. They search for homes that are warm, though they can also live in caves.

They have arms that function like the tongue of a frog/chameleon: elastic and sticky. In fact, they can literally stretch forever, and they can stick to anything unless what it is reaching for is moist.

Tinnamen work in packs and fight off anything that is larger than them. They fight by clinging onto the threat and each-other, punching it until it passes out, and hanging it on a tree.

Their life cycle is complex, starting with a cluster of glowing red, spherical eggs. When they hatch, the father dies, and the mother, with absolutely no grief, finds a new den.
The hatchlings are round, with two arms, one on each side.

When they grow to be adults, they send an electrical signal to find a mate. When the female is pregnant, they turn a bright red.

The eggs are lain, the male dies, and the life cycle starts over.

The eggs give off a fume that can rot wood, so if they are ever in your house, and it happens to be wooden, you're out of luck...

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