Name: Tokoloshe

Features: Child size body, pale skin, eyes and brain removed

Source: Zufu and Xhosa Folklore

Habitat: Africa

Tokoloshe were created from recently deceased human bodies that had their eyes gouged out, their brains removed and were revived via a magical powder that was blown into their nostrils by a shaman.

One would have to request for one of these creatures to be made so it could then torment a specific person that was causing them distress.

It is said that the brain removal is what caused their bodies to shrivel to the size of a child and appear extremely pale, sickly and deformed.

These little monsters could only be seen by the intended victim - that is unless they swallowed a pebble and achieved complete invisibility.

These mythical creatures would terrorize the victims by simply making random appearances, destroying personal belongings and homes.

They were also capable of physical attacks, rendering the victims helpless when trying to explain their wounds and seeming absolutely deranged.

Victims were usually overwhelmed with the terror and isolation from everyone surrounding them.

Most would shun them for behaving as if completely mad.

The victim's nightmare was only real to them and the despicable monster that had been cast upon them by a vengeful and angry former acquaintance.

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