Name: Vampires, vampyres

Features: Human looking creatures in need of blood

Source: Various mythology and folklore

Habitat: Anywhere and everywhere

The belief in vampyres has been around some say, as long as man himself.

These undead creatures mainly sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of other living creatures.

Their wide range of appearance goes from being nearly human to a bloated rotting corpse.

Familiar depictions are of astonishingly beautiful humans who remain forever healthy and youthful.

Panic has stricken various villages and communities throughout the ages causing many witch hunts and burnings, unearthing of corpses and the performance of unthinkable rituals – all in order to annihilate the possibility of such beings.

Driving stakes through their hearts or legs, decapitation, placing bricks and pieces of steel in their mouths, nailing their clothing to the ground to prevent them from rising at night and pouring boiling water over their graves when done – all of these things were done in the quest to eradicate these inhuman entities.

From garlic to sacred water, a branch of hawthorn or a wild rose, a crucifix or rosary, mustard seeds and mirrors – all of these were said to aide in warding off these horrid creatures.

Jack-o-lanterns were also used as a way to protect one's dwelling against the undead.  The jack-o-lantern's light was a way of identifying vampires on the prowl for blood.  Once a vampire was identified, it was believed that they would give up their hunt for you.

stories of vampires

Vampires have been extremely romanticized over the years. Imagine forever beautiful beings with great passion, strength and allure.

The idea that they are endlessly on the run and hunted down because they fail to fit into the human population – all the while having very human traits and needs, is extremely appealing to many.

Many of these creatures are known worldwide such as the ultimately famous Dracula, the name of the Transylvanian count in the novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897.

Another popular short novella was written by British physician, John Polidori in 1819 titled "The Vampyre".

So many novels, movies and television series have been created around this mythical creature.  It leads all to believe with almost complete certainty that new stories will always lay in wait for us to eagerly delve into.

Below is a little teaser - a short clip from the movie Dracula Untold.

Video clip provided by iGamrGeekTV.

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