by Em

There once was a woman who worked as a maid and she often worked in old cabins in the woods.

Every so often she would have to shoo away the pesky crows, and every time she did she heard a loud shrill like singing, like a scream.

One day she didn’t hear any shrills; rather she heard something swoosh behind her. The next day the homeowners came home to find her dead with a hollow bloody hole on the left side of her chest.

It was discovered by the doctors that her heart was gone but that they found the saliva of another woman's in its place; that woman was Lillian Bates who had died long ago.

The doctors announced it as a mistake but it was pretty evident that The Banshee ate her heart and took her soul.

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Apr 22, 2018
Banshee are misunderstood
by: Anonymous

Banshee do not eat souls, banshees worn section Irish and Scottish bloodlines that a member of the family will die, Blanshees were thought to have been khieners in there life but during a horrible death are made to weep for a death in that family for eternity.

Feb 19, 2014
Good but to make it realistic...
by: Red Rose

I really like this story but to make it more realistic u probably don't want to have the banshee not be a person that once lives. A banshee is a entity that has never lived before. But hey that's an opinion

Oct 08, 2013
? mark
by: curious

do banshees eat souls? or hearts? I am trying to write a story about banshees and that would make it a little more interesting...

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