Name: Werewolves

Features: Large wolf-like body, long fangs, glowing eyes

Source: Ancient European Folklore

Habitat: Where ever wolves are present

Werewolves are creatures that are part human and wolf.

Humans that live among us partaking in the mundane day to day activities inflicted with the curse of transforming into a wolf-like creature at night.

This combination creates mythical monsters with super strength and extremely keen senses.

This lupine version is not afraid of humans, therefore often seeks and attacks them as prey – knowing they are easy game to overtake.

When living and walking human victims are scarcer to come by, they will not hesitate to raid graveyards and dig up freshly deceased bodies to gorge on.

Anyone inflicted with this curse is often said to carry a mark when in the form of a human.

It could be a simple birth mark, long or curled fingernails, extra hairy palms or bushy and often joining eyebrows.

How does one become a one of these four-legged blood thirsty creatures?

Legends tell of many ways, from sleeping outside under a full moon, drinking water from a stream used by wolves, drinking the rain water that has collected in a wolf’s footprint, being cursed with unspeakable evil acts or being scratched or bitten by an actual wolf-man.

In ancient times to kill one of these lycanthropes, any weapon blessed by the church was sufficient. In more modern times, a bullet of pure silver would be needed to accomplish the task.



1981 Starring David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne and John Woodvine.  In this horror comedy, two young American men embark on a backpacking holiday in England.

After an awkward end of day visit to a local pub, they are attacked by a werewolf which kills Jack and sends David to a hospital.

Jack speaks to David through disturbing dreams and informs him that he will turn into a werewolf at the next full moon.

Watch a short clip of David's transformation in the video clip below.

This video montage was produced and shared by iGamrGeekTV.

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