by Rayna Mancini

The Wymerin is a half human female, half demon hybrid that is very intelligent.

It's most noticeable because of one eye being dark red or all black. Also, the Wymerin is almost completely pale, and has reddish-black hair. The creature has a second form, which is ghost-like.

The Wymerin has shark-like teeth that are bloodstained most of the time. When in ghost form, the creature is completely white with jet black hair and empty eye sockets, dripping black stuff. The Wymerin's empty sockets have a little red dot that trails as it moves.

The ghost is usually in a black dress with jagged ends. Black chains with blood dripping off are around the Wymerin's wrists and ankles. The creature is usually depicted as a small orb of black light that gets its form from the body it inhabits.

Its powers when it is in its usual form are reality bending and dark magic. When in its ghost form, the Wymerin's powers are reality bending, invisibility, dark magic, flying and fire controlling (can make fire with hands).

The only way to kill the creature if it inhabits someone is to kill that person. The Wymerin relies on the person it inhabits as it's lifeline, so if you kill the Wymerin's lifeline, you kill the creature. The thing is, you can only kill the lifeline with a very rare metal called Rhodium. The knife or sword must be forged before sundown and you must kill the lifeline in the next 24 hours, or it will change lifelines.

If you manage to kill it, you will have good fortune for the next 3 days. If you are the lifeline, you will have to lure it out by cutting yourself with the sword or knife. When you are forging the sword or knife, you must make sure to not let the creature catch on. This can be challenging because the Wymerin can catch on to what's happening very quickly.

Also, when the creature is lured out, it will be very weak and so will you. When you kill it, you might die because it's still relying on your life to keep it alive.

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