Yubina Kuricha

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The Yubina Kuricha is a species of Dryad that resides within Japan. It was first seen by a Japanese farmer whose name was Akira Akatsuki.

He noted that "The woman was beautiful and stunning and she moved with such grace... but you could tell she was not human. She smiled at me, and as I got closer I could just... feel something odd coming from this... this thing..."

The Yubina Kuricha is a neutral unless disturbed type of creature. It has the power to control every plant and everything natural. Bears bow before them, birds sing about them, and plants flourish around them. Do not get to close, though, or else they may kill you... or worse.

The Yubina Kuricha are born when a Cherry Blossom tree dies. They are all female, as males are known as Goman'na Kuricha. They are all beautiful. The average Yubina Kuricha is about 50% taller than the average human. They weigh no more than 135 pounds. They are a species that feels emotions and there are cases where a Yubina Kuricha falls in love with a human. They are of all races.

The powers they possess include but are not limited to: Binding objects (living and not) to nature, Controlling animals, Controlling humans, Shooting thorns out of their hands, etc.

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Feb 24, 2014
by: Joseph

this creature sounds so powerful and beautiful too 5 stars 4 u

Oct 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

an interesting creature

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