Name: Zombies

Features: Reanimated corpses

Source: All over the world

Habitat: Anywhere humans live

These mythical creatures are living corpses that have crawled out of their graves to feed.

They are dead human bodies in various states of decomposition that roam about spreading disease and attacking any healthy humans that cross their path.

They love to feast on human flesh – especially fresh human brains.

These monsters represent people’s worst fears – the living dead. They are stronger than the average living person and though they may seem slow and stupid – they are clever predators.

Once they have spotted a potential victim, they use their numbers to surround it from all possible sides preventing any chance of escape.

They attack and eat human victims, turning them into more living dead. Their numbers quickly increase, making them a large and powerful force that is very difficult to defeat. The fact that they are already dead makes them almost impossible to destroy.

Cuts, blows, bullets and severed limbs might slow them down but will not stop them.

Severing their heads is the only known way to eliminate these walking dead monstrosities. Or is it?

ZOMBIES - IN gaming

The game Left 4 Dead 2 is full of humans that have been infected with the "green flu".  This virus causes extreme aggression, mutation and the loss of higher brain function.

Please check out the video below – contributed by iGamrgeekTV.

CAUTION - due to violence, blood, and gore - this short video may not be suitable for everyone.

zombies - tv series


Starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies & Laurie Holden. Based on a comic book series, this TV show is filled with all kinds of walking dead. If you need your fix – watch it. The story line will get you hooked.

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