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This page is about us, our small but dedicated team at MC&B. This little group of people has always favored and enjoyed stories that include mythical creatures, fantasy worlds and urban legends.

Most important members of the MC&B Team & their assigned duties;

NKirouac - artwork, illustrations & speed drawings

Josie Kerouack - editor/story writer

iGamrGeekTV - action videos

Alex Tallieu - artwork & illustrations

Pixelartifx - Creative Solutions & Production Co.

One day (a few years back) we had this idea; “Wouldn’t it be great to share our passion for beasts, witches, dragons and monsters with others?” That’s when we decided to delve into the world of websites and the internet. After much time and dollars spent, we eventually found the solution we needed to make our dream happen. (We will touch on that in greater detail later on.)

Here is how we came about all the interesting content found on this website. For the most part, we gather the information for this website from the books we have read, the movies we have seen and the video and board games we have played. We always use the web to extend our research and verify our findings. Wikipedia and various other websites found on the internet have also helped us verify and gather as much additional information as possible.

All the information on this site is a compilation of information using various resources – all information found on this site should always be verified. Though we do try our best to be accurate – our goal is not to become an encyclopedia, but a place that shares our take on findings, experiences, movies, books and artwork pertaining to mythical creatures and beasts.

We would also like to take this opportunity to make sure everyone knows, after reading this about us page, that we are really enjoying this venture wholeheartedly and sincerely hope that our visitors are enjoying it as well. Thank you all for taking the time to browse through our site.

Now, getting back to about us making our dream a reality. . . None of us had ever learned how to build a website. There are so many products out there and we tried a few. None of them helped us achieve what we wanted - that is until the one super glorious day when we stumbled upon an ad for SBI.

After being burned a few times prior, we were cautious and took the time to visit their website, view the case studies – verified their claims and finally, we decided to take the plunge.

Today, we have a website that is up and running and that has become everything we had hoped for with the potential to become even greater. Now, don’t get us wrong – we still had to dedicate a lot of time and effort on the content – SBI helped us get it out on the web and showed us how we could earn an income doing what we enjoy!

So, since this page is about us and we are genuinely grateful for this product and all the skills it has taught us – even though SBI is not a mythical creature – we just had to talk about us and our success with it.

There are so many opportunities and options – here are just a few. 

How can SBI work for you?

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Can SBI be the right choice for you? 

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OVERWHELMED! Take a deep breath. Yes, all of these options are available to you. We hope, for those of you that were looking to be inspired that this content delivered and was helpful to you!

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