Extras from
the MC&B team

Welcome to our Extras page.  This is the place where we will feature our special events & occasions content.

Our first special event was our count down Halloween - if you missed it please see below.



Mythical Creatures and Beasts is now on Patreon.

We decided to use this membership platform to allow our fans to financially contribute for some awesome perks.

Depending on which Tier you choose - you can receive sneak peeks, access to polls, free artwork, behind the scenes action and free MC&B swag!

Be a part of our journey and have opportunities to have your say on content being produced for this site.  Have access to a dedicated members only mythical creatures and beasts site page!

Also have first dibs at any products or swag that we create or are contemplating to produce.  We would love to hear from our fan base first prior to official launch.

What is great about this?  You can contribute what is comfortable for you, enjoy the perks then upgrade or cancel at anytime.


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