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Use the Mythical Creature Links page to take a journey into the world of mythical creatures from the distant past to the present.

This is primarily an information website and the following provides an embellishment to the experience and offers more detailed information on various topics that will take you above and beyond what is provided on this website.

Please take your time and enjoy the ride. 

Mythical Creature links

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Artist N.Kirouac will be preparing some of her sketches & artworks to be available for use via digital download.

Please see if the image you are interested in is available & click on the link below to view by image and/or collection.

Rights Managed License & Royalty Free

Over 10 years ago, a video similar to the one below allowed us to create and bring you this website. It literally changed our lives and created opportunities and options for us. We felt we had to include it. 

Solo Build It Video Tour - click this link and see what we are talking about!! 

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