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Hybrids, in the mythical realm, are creatures that combine the features and body parts of more than one real species.

There are non-human versions that combine features of one or more animal species such as the basilisks, the Chimera and griffins.

Then, there are also part human combinations such as the very popular centaurs and mermaids.

Now, these mythical creatures seem as they have all the capabilities of being formidable beings especially when having, perhaps even mastering the command of all the strongest features of each of it's mixed species.

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On the other hand, some of the combinations you will read about will make you wonder how such creatures could even sustain themselves, let alone survive.

This category is comprised of very well known, strong and mighty creatures. It also includes unsavoury beasts with all the necessary features and powers required to create the most horrifying and terrible nightmares possible. 

I mean, think of just simply crossing paths with a skinless mouse (or a skinless anything) never mind a huge headed man-horse like the Nuckelavee stretching his long arms about trying to grab at you - very creepy.


Adaro - Evil mermen sea spirits

Adlet - Human and dog cross with red fur

Ahuizotl - Dog and monkey cross with five hands

Alkonost - A bird with the head of a beautiful woman

Ammit - Female demon that is part lion, hippopotamus & crocodile

Anubis - Tall human male with the head of a jackal

Basilisk - Head and claws of a rooster with a reptile's body and tail

Bastet - Female human with the head of a domesticated cat

Catoblepas - Large boar's head, small pig's body with wings

Centaur - Human horse hybrids, top half human with body of a horse

Cerberus - Three headed canine with a mane of serpents

Chimera - Head and body of a lioness, head of a goat, serpent's tail

Cockatrice - Head, claws and wings of a rooster, reptile's body and tail

Echidna - Upper half of a beautiful woman, lower body of a serpent

Formorians - Large, deformed bodies made up of animal parts

Gargoyles - Grotesque stone statues

Gorgons - Woman's upper half, snakes for hair and a serpents body

Griffin - Head, claws and wings of an eagle, body and tail of a lion

Harpies - Top half of a witch, claws and wings of a vulture

Hippocampi - Horses with a serpentine lower half

Hippogriff - Head, wings and claws of an eagle - body of a horse

Khnum - Strong human male with the head of a ram

Lamia - Woman’s head, scaly body, four legs and a tail

Leucrocuta - Horse's head and legs, neck and body of a lion

Lusca - Large octopus/shark hybrid

Manticore - Lion's body, human head, poisonous scorpion-like tail

Merlion - Head of a lion, body of a large fish

Mermaids - Beautiful women with a fish-like lower body

Minotaur - Body of a human male with the head and tail of a bull


Nuckelavee - Skinless monster, resembles popular hybrid - the Centaur

Onocentaur - Top half human & lower half donkey

Orthus - Two headed dog with a serpent's tail

Perytons - Head of a deer with wings of an eagle

Piasa - Face of a man, antlers, wings and four legs

Quinotaur - Sea creature with the head of a bull and five horns

Satyr - Human upper body with goat-like legs & tail

Scylla and Charybdis - Six headed monster and a deadly whirlpool

Scorpion Men - Powerful half man and half scorpion mythical creatures

Sekhmet - Lion head with a large human-like female body

Serpopard - Falcon headed leopard with wings

Sirens - Head and body of a woman, legs and wings of a bird

Sphinx - Head of a woman, body of a lion with wings and a snake's tail

Typhon - Enormous multi-headed monster with wings, serpent's body

Weretiger - Half human and half tiger

Werewolves - Large wolf-like body, long fangs, glowing eyes

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