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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga - Old and frail looking woman adorned with bone jewelry

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List of Mythical Creatures

List of mythical creatures - Monthly Top Ten list of mythical beasts

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Our in house artist N.Kirouac will be preparing some of her sketches & artworks to be available for use via digital download.

Please see if the image you are interested in is available & click on the link below to view by image and/or collection.


Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt - Oversized space slug

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Quinotaur - Sea creature with the head of a bull and five horns

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Grey Sisters

Grey Sisters - Three sisters that share one eye

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A small creature. At day it is black, at night white. It can shapeshifter into a mouse, bird, or fish. It eats cats, owls, snakes, bears, wolfs, foxes,

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Luna Umbra

Feared by the people of Amaria, these beings are one of the most deadly creatures to roam the land. Known for their crescent-shaped eyes, these creatures

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A hybrid of a red panther and a troll, this beast is surprisingly a vegetarian that feeds on mangroves in the amazon. It is as high as the trees that it

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Vermithrax - 400-year-old dragon with wings & a long tail

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The Unnamable

The Unnamable - Devil-like creature with horns and hooves

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The Snarol is commonly found in the woods of America. It is an enormous mouth containing sharp teeth and a hand-like tongue. It feasts on anything in

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Tatzelwurm - lizard-like creature with a feline face

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Candyman - vengeful ghost of a man bearing a large hook

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A dead body forgotten and not buried or treated. They rot and fester, they go mad and come back and wonder the world. They are not aggressive but can

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Lux Lumia

Vampires that are made from the magic of light.

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13 Days of Halloween

13 Days of Halloween

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The Lost Boys

Because just like Dracula they got it right. Vampires DON'T sparkle in the light They BURN in the light. Garlic does nothing to them but holy water can

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The Cervusgriff is a large creature with the fore legs and head of a griffin and the hindquarters of a deer. The front half can be any eagle color while

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The Wymerin is a half human female, half demon hybrid that is very intelligent. It's most noticeable because of one eye being dark red or all black. Also,

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