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It is a tall ape like creature with the body of a monkey and the head of a penguin. They usually are six to seven feet tall with the claws of a wolf and

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List of Mythical Creatures


List of mythical creatures - Monthly Top Ten list of mythical beasts

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Big nose

Think Steve Martin in Roxanne and wearing clown make up. Sometimes a flying bodyless rounded somewhat transparent head zipping around room. A trickster

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Human body with a face like a rodent and a tail. They can speak like humans, but they also have a language of their own that sounds like squeaking. They

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Shadow devil

A humanoid entity that lurks in the shadow and fires beams of magic with dark wings and horns.

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A massive owl with grey fur that looks like rags, has dragons wings and a cat like face with large whiskers

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Xenomorph - Popular Alien for the Alien Movie Series

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Sukime Guardian Entities

These large, misty creatures can take the form of deer, wolves, foxes, and other forest creatures. They are very rare and called guardians of the forest

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Pictures of Mythical Creatures

Pictures of Mythical Creatures - Find unique artwork & illustrations for

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Half-blood human elf

The HBHE is a beautiful race of females, they are born with mega-sonic phonon powers, they come from the vex solar system, Andromeda.

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What We Do in the Shadows

An excellent dark comedic take on the vampire genre.

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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga - Old and frail looking woman adorned with bone jewelry

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Our in house artist N.Kirouac will be preparing some of her sketches & artworks to be available for use via digital download.

Please see if the image you are interested in is available & click on the link below to view by image and/or collection.


Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt - Oversized space slug

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Quinotaur - Sea creature with the head of a bull and five horns

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Grey Sisters

Graeae Sketch AT

Grey Sisters - Three sisters that share one eye

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A small creature. At day it is black, at night white. It can shapeshifter into a mouse, bird, or fish. It eats cats, owls, snakes, bears, wolfs, foxes,

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Luna Umbra

Feared by the people of Amaria, these beings are one of the most deadly creatures to roam the land. Known for their crescent-shaped eyes, these creatures

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A hybrid of a red panther and a troll, this beast is surprisingly a vegetarian that feeds on mangroves in the amazon. It is as high as the trees that it

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Vermithrax - 400-year-old dragon with wings & a long tail

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