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Fictional characters can include imaginary persons, creatures, monsters and beasts.  We decided to build a page & listing for these as there are so many found in the novels we have read and in some of the movies & shows we have watched.

These fictional characters do not necessarily fall into the category of being mythical or a folkloric legend, but we find them way too fascinating & unforgettable to not include them on our website.

We are currently publishing a new version of this site with added features that we hope our fans enjoy.  Changes are being made on a regular basis - make sure to visit often so you don't miss out!

Creatures, beasts and monsters of the mind created to build a story that are described in word leave it up to the reader to imagine what they might look, sound and move like.  The ones included in film give you a visual of what an individual’s interpretation is of the character.

Have you ever ready a novel or short story, eagerly awaited to see the movie and watch a fictional character in action only to be disappointed by the interpretation used?  Have you ever been truly amazed that someone was able to realize a visual of a creature that totally met or went above your expectations?

For example - this image is what we are calling an unknown critter.  From what we can observe by only getting a view of it's head is that it is similar to a hairless cat with creepy eyes & nasty teeth. 

It's leathery skin and ridges of bone almost give it a prehistoric vibe.

It doesn't seem super scary but running into this little guy at night is a pass, thank you.

We also have a Creature Creations page - this is were our fans upload their version of characters from their imagination - check it out and vote for your favorite or feel free to add to the list!

Make sure to visit this page often as we will be adding some of our favorite characters on a regular basis.


Candyman - Vengeful ghost of a man with a large hook on his right arm

CenobiteCreatures with scars; punctured & sliced flesh all covered with ash

Cthulhu - Large green body, long tentacles, wings and talons

GraboidsGigantic killer worms with a beak and long tentacles

Jabba the Hutt - Disgusting overgrown space worm

Smaug - Large, fire breathing red worm with indestructible armor

The Unnamable - Devil-like creature with horns and hooves

Vermithrax - 400-year-old dragon with wings & a long tail

Xenomorph - Alien creature with a cylinder-shaped head, sharp claws and a spiked tail

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