by Hailey
(United States)

Bardhyls are creatures that originated from the stars. Whenever a falling star lands on Earth, a Bardhyl is born and will live his or her life among the humans until they die.

Bardhyls look a lot like humans except for their godly beauty; very white complexion, pale hair color, and with star bits stitched into their skin.

It is not uncommon for a human to fall in love with these creatures and marry them - however they cannot reproduce, so having a hybrid of a Bardhyl is impossible.

The bits of stars that are embedded on their skin tell them when they are getting close to combustion by three colors. When the star bits are white and clear like diamonds, the Bardhyl is at the beginning of his or her life.

When the star bits are blue this indicates that they are at the halfway point of their life and finally red star bits tell the Bardhyl that combustion is almost here.

When a Bardhyl combusts, the shattered pieces are launched up into the sky where a new Bardhyl can be recreated through the old Bardhyl.

Bardhyls are very harmless and peaceful creatures, but they are not afraid to defend themselves when in danger.

A noxious fume of gas usually seeps around them, creating a barrier. The noxious gas cannot kill a human unless a human inhales it in high concentration but the gas will usually just make a human unconscious. The gas has the same effect on other living organisms on Earth.

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Jul 09, 2017
Nice work!
by: Phoebe B.D

I find the Bardhyl a very odd creature - nonetheless interesting. The way it protects itself by releasing gasses is cool, and I would've never thought about doing that in my own creatures until now. I find pretty much everything about it awesome, so well done.

Feb 21, 2014
by: William

congradulations! I have my own special world, where mytical creatures dwell, and your creature (the bardhyl) is now part of it.

PS: see beedge, tinnamen, sphinkerberreth, geordix, and my boogie man storie, Timpra and the Boogie Man.

Sep 05, 2013

I love this creature!!!

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