Death of a Bogeyman

by Kg

For those who went to a website where a person told a story but never finished about sirens being the daughters of the goddess Aphrodite - it’s that same guy OK.

Let’s begin with the story: it all started the day I googled about the boogeyman. That night I had a strange dream where I was in a house that seemed to go on forever. I walked until I came upon a closet - I had a feeling to open it but didn't want to.

I opened it and walked inside, then the door closed but something worse happened. I saw someone in a clock. When I looked under I saw the embodiment and meaning of fear - under it I saw the boogeyman.

I was so scared that I broke down the door and ran. As I ran and looked behind me I saw that he was only walking, as if he knew he was going to catch me. As I was running I fell into a dark pit and as I got up from the fall I saw a light.

I got into a room and saw the legendary god killers - the Sword of Salvation and the Gun Justice. I took them and got a new outfit - I looked behind me and saw him. He moved toward me so I put my hands in front of me and a force field pushed him away. I kept pushing him away until I heard a voice saying “Duck!”

I ducked and a girl kicked the boogeyman away. She said to follow her, I did AND SHE BLEW A HOLE IN THE F*****G WALL! It was awesome!

Let's continue, we got out and we got into a car. I asked if isn't she too young to drive and she told me no. We went to a sanctuary where I saw other kids - they looked unhappy. I asked what was wrong and she told me that the boogeyman had taken all of the adults.

She told me that he needed their energy so I told her I'd get them back. She told me that they were going to destroy the boogeyman and I said I'd like to help them. The next morning we went to the boogeyman’s house. While on the way I asked her what's her name was, she said it’s “Cara”.

When we got there I asked how exactly were we supposed to destroy the boogeyman - she said with the god killers that I had. She also told me that since it’s my dream - I'm the one who’s supposed to kill him. She was the only one that knew it was a dream.

OK - I don't want to make the story long so I'll skip to the end.

The boogeyman tried to use my nightmares against me but I told myself that it’s only a dream. He told me that's it’s his world and I told him “NO, it’s my world, my dream and I want you out!”

I stabbed him and he told me that fear will always make new bogeymen and light will never win. I told him “No, there will always be a hero that will always fight the darkness.”

I slashed and shot him then all the adults and light were free and I woke up.

That night when I fell asleep, I woke up in the sanctuary and found Cara smiling at me and all the children were playing. I spent the rest of the dream playing with her. Before I left I gave her the god killers and told her that if there were any more problems with a boogeyman - she knew what to do.

I said my goodbyes and walked into the sunset and woke up.

The end.

O yeah, PS: I'm 11 years old – bye.

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Apr 28, 2018
So cool!!!
by: Taylor

Amazing. Jist amazing! I can't believe a 11 yr old wrote That! UR AWESOME!!!

Nov 03, 2013
my story is cool
by: Anonymous

I sould have made the story longer but still cool

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