Name: Fairies

Features: Human looking supernatural spirits

Source: Western European Mythology

Habitat: Gardens, Woodland

Over the years, faeries have been described in numerous ways. The origin of the word “fairy” supports the older description of tall, glowing angelic beings.

These mythological creatures also have been described in many poems as being very small in stature and often referred to as “wee folk”.

Various beliefs classify faeries as being either dead beings, an intelligent species or as demoted angels.

They can be benevolent or extremely malicious. The compassionate description regarded as blessed and holy was said to even sometimes seek help from humans and return their kindness with gifts and favors.

The evil version describes them appearing in hordes and harassing travelers. They would lift them in the air, pinch and poke them and lead them astray. These legendary creatures were also feared for stealing children and seniors.

Wearing one’s clothing inside out and avoiding thorn bushes and trees was said to help deter an attack.

Building iron fences, hanging horseshoes and burying iron knives would keep these malevolent spirits at bay because cold iron is like poison to them and they would not go anywhere near it.

Charms of rowan and herbs were also worn to ward off these nasty little demons.

Both editions are said to be capable of casting spells, foreseeing the future, flying and performing magic.

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