Name: Kongamato

Features: Tooth filled beak, leathery skin with bat-like wings

Source: African Folklore

Habitat: Africa

The Kongamato is about the size of a very large eagle with jagged teeth completely lining its large fierce and pointed beak.

Its head, entire body and wings are covered with a leathery reptilian skin. It has large, sharp and powerful claws that can overpower, clutch and carry off substantially large prey with ease.

It was known to suddenly attack from the sky, dive into lakes and rivers to capsize boats and drown any passengers.

Any living creature who dared to look into its eyes would enrage this beast and cause their certain death.

Any possible sighting or mention of this deadly mythical beast would send entire villages running in fear, abandoning their possessions and homes.

Similar to the pterosaur from the age of dinosaurs, this flying monster is said to be a leftover from the past that has so far eluded modern scientists.

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