by Katherine Rodriguez
(London, England)

A Female Mlezi in its Natural Form

A Female Mlezi in its Natural Form

Mlezis are male and female spirits that protect people and even places from the rest of the supernatural world. They are from no specific country, however they used to mainly dwell in places where the supernatural kind are found the most (Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.)

The Mlezis’ main goal in life is to protect the person they serve. They live to take care of that person and/or place.

They are born Mlezis and although they can in fact pass energy from one Mlezi to another (and even to humans) - they cannot transmit it like, for example with a bite.

Only one of the parents has to be Mlezi for the couple to bear a Mlezi however, if both parents are Mlezis they give birth to a more powerful Mlezi known as pure-bred Mlezis.

Also, hybrids have been known to exist but are seen as outcasts by the higher ranking Mlezis.

Mlezis do not start to develop their abilities until the late stages of puberty at about 13-16 years old. Mlezi are practically undetectable before this age but they do show certain characteristics;

* The Mlezi children tend to have fewer friends
* Mlezis are very serious about loyalty and trust in a relationship.
* They tend to be fairly close to their human parent even if the parent does not feel the same (which is very rare).

When the Mlezi comes of age, there must be a special ceremony were only the close family is invited. It consists of giving the child the preferred energy weapon of the parent (weapons may vary). The ceremony always takes place in their special grove which is usually hidden in the trunks of large trees in nearby forests.

The Mlezis does not choose who or what he/she will protect however, when they get near the protected they get a hint of some-sort. Mlezi will protect the person with their life and would rather let themselves get killed for the protected. When the person does die, the Mlezi has the rest of his/her life free until they die. They have a normal life-span; the same as a human.

As stated before, Mlezis do not have normal weapons. They have weapons called “energy weapons”. The main way of attacking is by using concentrated energy that the Mlezi have stored inside.

They “shape” this energy and thus create a weapon out of it. Physically the energy weapons do no harm however spiritually, they absorb the aura of that person (supernatural or not) making them dry and wrinkled in a matter of 2 minutes.

Note: The weapons usually form in the palm of the hand however they can also form the weapons in the lower part of their arms and legs.

When Mlezi die their spirit stays protecting a certain tree, grove or forest until they eventually fade into the landscape. While they are still in spirit form they can communicate with the people that are still alive.

Mlezis look like normal humans however their true form is:
* Pure pale skin
* Dark, almost onyx eyes (depending on their mood)
* They always wear white - Females; a plain dress to the knees and males; trousers down to the ankles and bare-chested.
* Their hair becomes damp and water pools at their feet.

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Jun 16, 2021
by: Anonymous

This kinda reminds me of imaginary friends from Supernatural... Its a really good idea!

Nov 18, 2020
by: Anonymous

This is amazing! I love the picture you put with it as well, it really helps bring it to life. You are a very talented artist. Definitely deserves to be a recognized creature like Grendel etc.

Oct 22, 2014
Wow that is awesome
by: Joseph

It would be amazing if they existed, Nice work :)

May 28, 2014
Mlezi's Rock
by: Anonymous

That is so cool! It would be awesome if they were real.

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