Name: Nuckelavee

Features: Skinless top half of a man and body of a horse

Source: Orkney Folklore

Habitat: United Kingdom

This mythical creature resembled a centaur that had been skinned alive. He had an enlarged head and his veins, tendons and muscles were all exposed.

His black blood could be seen pumping through his veins and his powerful muscles could be seen flexing and pulsating at his every move.

This monster was a water dweller mainly living in the sea but could only survive in stale, stagnate waters.

Crossing a stream of running water was one way that one could escape him - as long as one didn't inhale any of the putrid breath he expelled like a deadly cloud over anything around him.

His breath was diseased, rancid and deadly. With it, he could easily wilt crops, spread plague and sicken livestock while on one of his rampages.

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