Name: Oni

Features: Huge bodies, horns, wide mouths

Source: Japanese Mythology

Habitat: Japan

An Oni can appear in many different forms.

It can have green, blue or red skin. It is usually described as having a devilish appearance with horns and a mouth that opens from ear to ear.

This monster is also described as having shaggy hair, long claws and being hideously ugly. This demon-like creature often has some extra eyes, fingers or toes.

When in its true form, this evil monster does not like to be seen by humans. It is said to be able to transform to look like a human, an animal or become totally invisible.

These mythical beasts are said to rise as spirits from hell and capture the souls of dying people.

They then drag the souls back down with them to the pits of hell from which they came.

They love destruction and ruin everything and anything that crosses their path.

They are also capable of causing natural disasters like mudslides and earthquakes, spreading deadly diseases and taking over people’s bodies.

Dried peas are said cause these nasty spirits from hell to go blind.

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