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Scorpo looking stlylish for the viewer.

Scorpo looking stlylish for the viewer.

Warning: This is a long paragraph. Do you have an hour to spare? (lol.)

You do? Great! Well, you asked for it!

Scorpo, My Perfect Amalgamation.

Scorpo is the proud leader of the Amalgagore Clan, a large group of highly dedicated hybrids and outlaws that live inside Lone Runner Mountain.

Gender: Female
Species: Mutation #287: Coyote mutt, scorpion, and Morroweye hybrid.

Scorpo(also known as #287, but don't say that to her face)founded Amalgagore shortly after escaping the facility that created her, and after she defeated the arrogant tyrant Excursus.

Appearance: Scorpo has light brown fur pockmarked with old scars, including a needle hole in her left hind leg,claw marks across her neck, a long scratch across her shoulders from a dragon,and a hole through one ear. Her tail is medium length, with the deadly stinger of a scorpion. If you look closely, you can tell it once used to be blue, but is now bloodstained.
One huge eye takes up around two quarters of her face and is jade-blue. Her mouth is small but is full of sharp canine teeth. Blue and purple spots adorn her back, though they are cut through with that long scar. They glow in ultra-violet light. Scorpo's claws are black. She has three on each paw, though her front ones are unusually long and strong. Scorpo sharpens them every day, and uses them like swords in battle. She has a small pouch on her underside that she uses to store jewels. Scorpo also has a green leather collar around her neck stabbed through with the teeth and claws of enemies and old friends.( you'll see what I mean.)
They include the trophies of 16 opponents: a forest chupacabra,a warthog, a reef shark, a pit bull, a rottweiler, a saber-toothed hippo, a water drake, a hyena, a saltwater croc,a demon doberman ( now a clan member), a vicious goose,a lion, a grizzly bear,an Irregular Mangler, a rogue cat claw( now a clan member, and ;somewhat disturbingly; a human's tooth.( Only the rogue cat and demon doberman aren't dead, by the way.)

Powers: Since Scorpo is 1/3 Morroweye, she can speak telepathically with other members of her clan. Her scorpion's venom is fatal, especially if she plunges her tail through a victim's heart. Scorpo is also extremely strong. She snapped the metal piece of a leather leash, broke a fully grown saltwater crocodile's jaws, and ended the life of the gigantic Irregular Mangler,Excursus, when others could not. Scorpo can take on, and kill, a creature ten times her size. She is also knowledgeable in the ways of trade.

If a creature wishes to pass through her territory, join her clan, or get a certain object in Scorpo's possession, they must meet these requirements:

You must:
*Be four-legged or close to being quadruped to enter. Humans are NOT allowed, no exceptions.( Scorpo has had bad experiences with humans and believes all are cruel.)
* Wear something around your neck that shows your triumphs. . . and failures.
* Have gems, bones, or an exceptionally rare item to trade for food.
* Pay one tribute of blood to pass through.
*Pledge your loyalty to Amalgagore by enduring a test of strength from the leader herself..

!*If you extremely offend, attack,or betray Scorpo and/or any of her clanmates,you will be asked to leave immediately, or be driven out. If you still do not leave, you will be killed by any clan member who is the closest to you.

Characteristics: Scorpo is fair minded. She does not kill any intruders, but instead calmly asks them their name, where they had come from, and what they want. She only kills in battle or if half or more of her clanmates asks her to get rid of any unwanted traitors. Being lion-hearted, Scorpo is fierce and will kill any enemy who crosses her. In large battles, she wears armor made from bone, leather, and bat wing. The only part not fully protected is her neck, though her spiky collar does the job. Scorpo is wise and intelligent. If she sees a possible acquaintance, she will wait until the creature begins to fight her. She then will pin them down, asking them if them want to join her clan. If they say yes, or simply just plead for their life,Scorpo will show mercy and back off. Scorpo has recruited most of her members this way.

DNA: She is 70% coyote,30% Morroweye, and 10% scorpion. Because of these genes, Scorpo can breed with any member of the canine genesis.

Extra: In just one month, Scorpo's ranks swelled from 8-21. All clanmates will fight to the death if the clan is threatened. Clan members include any creature that walks on or near to four legs.( and that are small enough to fit in the cave entrance.)Her lieutenant is Xylan, an exiled discord cat. He takes over for her if she has to personally run an errand. Scorpo is one of my best original creations. Lean, mean, and battle-scarred, Scorpo will leap off of the page to protect you from your demons.

"Failures are triumphs in disguise."
-Scorpo, leader of Amalgagore.

If you want to know more about Scorpo, her past, her rise to power, or anything else, send me a comment.

( Morroweye: another creature I created with one huge emerald eye, red bat's wings, a long scaly tail tipped with orange feathers, and coffee brown fur)

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Aug 13, 2019
Auntie Tina
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Aug 11, 2019
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