Sukime Guardian Entities

by Quetzalcoatl

These large, misty creatures can take the form of deer, wolves, foxes, and other forest creatures.

They are very rare and called "guardians of the forest" due to their protective nature and temper towards anyone who does not respect their forest.

Unfortunately, the mist they give off is very valuable, and for this, they are hunted. When slayed, or killed from natural causes, their mist sinks into the earth, causing a blue glow, and making all the plant buds in the area to bloom.

Sukime hunters must be quick to scoop up the mist in a special jar. The mist is usually sold on the Mythical Black Market for high prices. The mist can be used to heal most anything and is used by the most accomplished gardeners.

They are very proud creatures, try your best not to offend them. If you see one it is said you will be blessed with good health and fortune. They only come out in the most sheltered forests, away from big cities.

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Aug 20, 2022
by: Anonymous

I like it

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