Name: Thunderbird, Thunder Bird

Features: Extremely large bird resembling an eagle

Source: Native American Folklore

Habitat: The Americas

The Thunderbird was an enormous supernatural bird of tremendous strength and power, capable of causing storm like winds and thunder by simply beating its wings.

This creature was said to be able to shoot lightening from its' eyes and fill the sky with the darkest clouds as it flew overhead.

It resembled an oversized eagle with either one or two heads and sometimes described as having rows of teeth inside its' huge menacing beak.

This was one creature that many agreed was best to avoid and at all costs, refrain from disturbing or upsetting in anyway.

Some North American indigenous tribes believed that these formidable mythical creatures could shape shift into human form and take on human mates.

The families created would then keep to themselves while living the day to day in human form but, if the need arose, they could simply put on their supernatural feather blankets to tranform and take vengeance on anyone or anything that threatened their existence.

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