Uninvited guests

by Rachel R.

Today seemed like an ordinary day for William.

He had just gotten up from a long and forgotten day. Why was he so cocky as to think he could last a whole night working? William thought about this until… BANG!

“What was that?!” He questioned, stopping his train of thought. He dropped the newspaper he held and ran to the source of the sound. He then came to a door where the foreign noise appears to be coming from.

“The basement, but how could that be? No one has been down there in years,” he states.

Puzzled, he looked around to see if the bang is coming from somewhere else. Then he heard the sound again. BANG! With the noise now even louder, William was sure it was coming from behind the door he stood in front of. William then became frightened for some strange reason. As he gulped in fear, he shakily grabbed the nearest broom.

He hoped that what he was hearing was merely a rodent or some other small animal, and that the broom would be enough. Even though he was positive it was just a rat, he still clutched onto the cleaning supply as if his life depended on it.

With his open hand he latched onto the door knob shakily. He hesitantly opened the door only slightly. Just enough to take a peek, and as he peered into the emptiness of his basement, he found it was too dark. “Shoot,” he mumbled. There’s only one way to find out what’s going on now.

William pulled the door fully out, careful not to make too much noise. Immediately, on instinct, William reached for the switch on the side of the entrance. He flicked the switch, but no light. It looks as if he’ll just have to deal with the darkness for now. He stepped only slightly, and still managed to startle himself with his own footsteps.

Then, there it was, a small door. “I don’t remember seeing that the last time I was I here,” he whispered, feeling he would awake something if talked any louder. A sudden shiver then ran down his spine. The small door began to creak open. This, for some unknown reason, caused William to become overcome with sudden pain and agony.

“Who’s there?” He pleaded trying to cover his newly brought up sorrow. “Show yourself!”

“Why?” A dark voice whispered, “That’ll just ruin my fun.”

“Where are you?” William squeaked. “Closer than you think,” the voice breathed.

The small door slammed open. A pitch black claw burst out from the depths. The shadow stretched forward, growing and growing. An eye popped out from the shadow.

The eye was the color of blood, the eyes shone like a newborn flame and its pupil was as small as a pin. William gazed into the creature’s eyes; his own filled with curiosity and fright. His fright expanded into whole a new level as a smile formed on the beast. It was an evil smile. A smile that was way too wide for it to be a human’s.

“What are you?!” William gasped. Tears then started running down William’s face. He was completely taken now. He has reached the maximum height of fear.

“Your worst nightmare,” the beast grinned.

Then, with one swift motion, the shadow’s hand clawed the broom out of William’s hand. William, quivering, could only stare. He wanted to move, but was too paralyzed with horror. The creature took this opportunity to climb out of the doorway and undertook an intimidating shape and size. It had a wolf like body and tail, but its face was that of a demon’s.

Just then, the unidentified creature got up close to William and whispered: “You better run.”

William took this advice and sped out. The beast, despite William’s pleas, was following close behind. The beast clawed its way around, crashing into walls recklessly and bulldozing anything in the way. William sprinted as fast as he could, but the beast still managed to keep up.

“Come here my pretty! You’ve been a bad pretty haven’t you? Bad pretty! BAD!”

The beast screamed and laughed the most bloodcurdling laugh. It sounded almost like a clown’s in a way. William couldn’t help but turn around at this statement.

As he turned, he stumbled onto the cold floor boards. The beast then grabbed William. He was done for. “I’ve got you now!” This certainly wasn’t a whisper anymore. No, it was a voice of a mad man. William squeezed his eyes shut not only out of fear, but pain too. The pain came from the thorn like claws of the beast. The claws dug and pierced William’s flesh and William simply bit his lip to hold back his screams.

William peeked through the tears collecting to see a new face. It was still the beast, but just a new head. The creature’s head had somehow turned into a more human face. The human face was pale. The eyes were still the same and filled with insanity. The face also had no nose and the mouth appeared melted.

That face, that demon, those beady red eyes, happens to be the last thing William saw until only screams could be heard throughout the manor.

Days upon days, owners upon owners, deaths upon deaths; it just kept happening. That beast has now created a house of horrors, which it is now referred to as. Surely this name would draw people away from the home, but people just can’t take a hint it appears.

They just keep being lured in by that voice. “Come my pretty; come to me,” the voice would whisper, “Peer into that door. I dare you.”

They all did, they peeked into that door without a second thought, and you know what, they all saw the same face too. All of the deaths ending in only ear wrenching screams, and laughter of the boogeyman.

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