Abominable Snowman

Name: Abominable Snowman

Features: Giant human-like body, white shaggy fur, big feet

Source: Tibetan Folklore

Habitat: Himalayan Mountains

An Abominable Snowman is generally described as being human-like but larger, covered with white shaggy fur and as having huge feet. It is also referred to as a Yeti.

Though one has never been photographed or filmed, footsteps have been found and measured.

These legendary huge furry beasts reside at the top of the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas.

Several monasteries in Tibet claim they possess remains that are that of an actual Yeti.

Local tribes regard these mountain dwellers, the Meh-teh with great respect. They will turn around anytime they encounter a large footprint.

Though these beasts are supposed to be extremely territorial, they are known to mostly eat greens and vegetables. They will however, enjoy feasting on human flesh if the opportunity presents itself.

There have been many reports in the 20th century involving footprints and possible sightings of these elusive mountain dwelling beasts.

Who or what is responsible for leaving these large footprints on the snow covered Himalayas? Will we ever know? Even to this day, similar incidents keep making headline news.

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