Name: Cyclopes

Features: Hairy giants with one large eye

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Various regions of Greece and surrounding areas

These mythical monsters were enormous giants with just one large eyeball to see with. They were very hairy and didn’t care much for bathing so their heads and bodies were usually filled with insects and filth.

They were also known to carry a horrible stench wherever they were or wandered about.

They very much enjoyed feasting on raw flesh, including that of humans.

These monsters were said to reside below ground spending most of their time making huge tools and massive weapons.

The pounding of their humungous hammers was said to cause earthquakes up above. The heat from their furnaces would cause above ground volcanoes to erupt.

One famous Cyclops was named Polyphemus. He was the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Hero Odysseus was able to escape Polyphemus’s capture by getting him drunk and then sticking a sharp spear into his eye.

This blinded the huge beast and Odysseus was able to escape unscathed.



2013 Starring Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Leven Rambin & Douglas Smith.

A cyclops named Tyson enters the camp and Percy discovers that he is in fact his brother.  Tyson is not a welcome addition to the group by Annabeth when he joins them on their journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

Grover disguises himself as a cyclops to avoid being eaten by the half blind Polyphemus that is guarding the Golden Fleece in the hopes that it will attract some satyrs for him to eat.

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