Name: Diwata

Features: Male or female guardian spirits

Source: Philippine Mythology

Habitat: Philippines

Diwata are mythological figures that are similar to a fairies or nymphs.

They can be male or female and are generally described as human looking.

They are known for being astoundingly beautiful, ageless and for having blemish-free and fair colored skin.

They can reside in large acacia and banyan trees protecting the forests and mountains around them.

All visitors must ask permission to wander the protected regions as to be sure not to anger these nature spirits.

They also occupy streams and lakes cursing any trespassers that do not respect their surroundings.

Cursed individuals would get extremely sick and even sometimes perish for their lack of respect.

In pre-colonial Philippine, these beings were also seen as benevolent gods and goddesses.

They were guardian spirits that could be ritually called upon to ensure health, good crop growth and fortune.

They could also cause misfortune with curses if they were not respected.

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